I love salads and I know many of you do too. This summer, however, I’m not as excited about salads as I usually am – don’t know why, it’ s just the way I feel. Have you ever felt that way?

Well – if we’re not in the mood for salads, what are we in the mood for? French fries, hamburgers, fried chicken, tempura vegetables? We know these aren’t the best for us so are there other alternatives to salads that are easy, can be made ahead and are good for us – YES THERE IS!!

Don’t think that just because you don’t want a salad you have to defer to your old habits of unhealthy options.I ’m here to tell you I have discovered Harvest/spring bowls and Buddha bowls! They are a variation of salad and for me they hit the spot both from a satisfaction and a nutritional perspective.

Many of you have probably heard of these, seen them on a restaurant menu and maybe even tried them. The best news of all is that you can make them at home – with one prep session you can actually prep several bowls to last a few days – saving you all kinds of time. And it ’ s so important to love our meals so don’t be shy about adjusting the recipes to remove something you don’t enjoy and replace it with something you love. And you’ll find that with all the different flavours and textures, that you ’ll use less dressing – yay!

Here are links to some terrific Harvest and Buddha Bowls and it’s easy for you to even make up your own – be adventurous and go wild and enjoy!