Coaching Packages – Starting with a FREE 30-minute consultation

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Life Evolyoution I – Three Months

  • Welcome package and Healthy Lifestyle Workbook
  • Six personalized one-on-one coaching Skype calls
  • Customized assignments
  • Email coaching – 20 Email Coaching Sessions
  • Resources, recommendations, surprises and little extras!
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Life Evolyoution II – Six Months

  • Includes everything in Life Evolyoution I PLUS:
  • Recipe revamp – healthier versions of your favourite recipes
  • Pantry Purge
  • Additional 15 coaching emails
  • One 90 minute in-person visit (with the Greater Toronto Area)
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Life Evolyoution III – Nine Months

  • Includes everything in Life Evolyoution II PLUS:
  • Four additional 60-minute laser coaching calls
  • Recipe delivery – two new recipes each month
  • Additional 25 coaching emails
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My Approach

I practice holistic health and wellness, which means that I look at how all areas of your life are connected. Do work or relationship stresses cause you to overeat? Do lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising? Together, we will explore how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole.

We’ll also determine your wellness goals and work together to reach them. You may want to achieve an optimal weight, reduce food cravings, increase sleep, maximize energy or improve your self-care. This is your journey toward deeper happiness and lifelong health. We’ll identify the long-lasting changes you need and join forces to achieve them.

A real journey toward holistic wellness requires a real-life approach.

My Services

Real-Life Coach

Want to truly evolve your life? Give yourself the gift of time and action. Let’s work together to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Nutrition Nights -free

Each month we’ll discuss a different topic such as digestion, hormones, inflammation. You’ll walk away knowing how to make easy changes to improve your health and energy.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Monthly Coaching Calls: 60 Minutes

Everyone needs someone to call for help: an expert, a friend, a mentor. As your real-life coach, I’ll be your ally and partner on the other end of the line. Once we clarify your life goals and sketch out a plan for success, we’ll stay connected. I’ll teach you, guide you and support you on your journey toward lifelong health and happiness.

  • Over the phone, via Skype or in person
Starting at $ 75 per hour
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Pantry Purge – Cleanse your pantry, cleanse your body.

If you’re determined to eat healthier, one of your first commitments must be to purge your pantry of the dangerous, tempting unhealthy foods lurking on the shelves and in the fridge.

When you think of junk food, you think of potato chips, doughnuts, chocolate, and fast food restaurants. But just about all processed foods are also junk food. Even your beloved box of granola cereal could be junk food. To make sure your feeding you and your family the best foods – foods with nutrients that give you energy this is a must-do. Otherwise when a craving strikes, you’ll have no defense against the easy access.

I’ll spend 2 hours with you going through all the foods in your cupboards, fridge and freezer. Along the way you’ll learn what key ingredients to avoid and most importantly what foods will fuel you and your family for the life you’ve dreamed about!!

2 hours : $ 197
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Supermarket Madness – Tour and/or Shopping

Modern grocery stores can offer consumers up to 60,000 different products! It’s no wonder that consumers remain frustrated and confused.

Let me help guide you through these product jungles, showing you what to look for, what to avoid, how to read nutrition labels, how to steer clear of ‘food marketing’ ploys and identify healthy products.

This service can be a tour for you as an individual

Individual: 2 hours for $197 or
Group (up to 5 people): 3 hours for $457
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Select Coaching Packages

Keynotes and Workshops

Talks will be tailored to specifically to meet your needs and goals. Elements from different talks can also be combined to give you exactly what you need for your group.

Browse through our Calendar for more upcoming workshops

Real-Life Workshops (2 or 4 hours in length)

Gathering friends, neighbours, family or work colleagues together is a great way to learn new insights and skills within a supportive group. Even long after an engaging and interactive workshop ends, members help each other to maintain new habits and lifestyle changes.

Sample topics:

  • Save Time, Eat Well
  • How To Travel Better
  • Bringing Youth Back From the Inside Outl
  • What’s Behind the Food
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Real-Life Speaker (45-75 minutes in length)

Looking to motivate your team? Spark interesting conversations? Increase the focus on health and wellness in your workplace? Or just help others to simplify and enrich their lives? I can speak to your company, team, department, club or professional group.

Sample topics:

  • Save Time, Eat Well
  • How To Travel Better
  • Relieving Stress with Nutrition
  • What’s Behind the Food
  • Journey to Happiness
  • Life After the Corporate World
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