Do you ever feel like you’re not living your real life? That your food choices are less than ideal? That your authentic self has gotten lost somewhere over the years? That your body doesn’t really reflect what you’re all about?

That was me. For 20 years, I struggled with food, fitness and feeling good about myself.

Three years ago, I decided I needed a change. I was in a toxic work environment. I wasn’t eating well or moving enough. I was overweight. I didn’t believe in myself. I wasn’t even sure what my actual “self” was. It seemed to be something I had lost – or maybe never found.

I needed to take my life back. So I left my job, found some help with nutrition and exercise, and got in touch with my inner truth. I believed that focusing on three interconnected parts of life – food, spirit and fitness – would lead me to both physical and emotional health. And I was right.

Happiness is acquired sideways. You don’t become happier by finding something called happiness. You become happier by pursuing your passion, developing life-giving habits and having the courage to be the person you were meant to be.

My journey toward happiness included better food, a stronger spirit and improved fitness. As a result, I lost 70 pounds and have found joy and energy. I feel my own worth and speak my own truth. I am living my real life.

The business skills I acquired during 14 years of working in the corporate world, my commitment to health in food/spirit/body and my passion for helping others have led me here. In my roles as real-life coach and motivational speaker, I can help you find the happiness you seek.

My purpose is to inspire others to honour themselves in mind and body. I know you can do it because I did – after 20 years of personal neglect. I’m living proof of a better life.

I was you… I am you. Let’s talk.