Ok –  so I’ve figured out lately how to get real with myself and I want to share that with you – it just might resonate with what ‘s going on in your life.
My life has been complicated over the last 8 months and yes, I know we all have our own challenges – so this is not a pity party…quite the opposite in fact.
Many of you may know my Dad turned 100 last month – yes, I said 100!  It was an incredibly happy time for my family and yet leading up to it wasn’t without challenges and struggles.  We dealt with a flood in Dad’s condo and having to move him, he broke his hip a few weeks later, had surgery and spent almost 3 months in a rehab facility, was back home and then got pneumonia and a virus – so back to the hospital we went!

During these tough times I spent almost every day with my Dad – although he had the will to get better, he still needed our help.  My brother and I were brought up by this incredible man during a time when being a single Dad wasn’t common. His love and dedication to us is what made us who we are today and spending time with him, whether it’s to help or just sit and watch golf together, is such a blessing.

Now back to my journey… I promised myself I would look after myself while helping Dad – I knew how important self-care was.  And yet when it came right down to it I’m human too, and my love for Dad and looking after all his needs took over.  I was stressed, worried, tired and anxious and didn’t even see it!  How many times have you gone through something that has caused you to put your own self-care to the side?  Lots I bet.

I was getting through each day with a good dose of sugar – whether it was chocolate (my fave!), take-out food (who had time to cook?), or grab and go processed foods, it was how I dealt with the stress and worry.  Over the months my joints got stiff and sore, I wasn’t sleeping well, exercising 6 times a week fell away, I had inflammation everywhere and yes I gained weight – a lot of weight.

Dad was getting stronger and making progress – god bless him.  Of course we were bringing him food – the healthy kind – so he didn’t have to eat hospital food (we all know how nutritious and tasty that is!), we made sure he had all the best supplements, we read to him, did puzzles and spent time – everything one needs to get healthy.  I did all the right things for him and not for myself.  Why? Stress, anxiety and worry – I got into a habit of feeding those emotions with food – everyday.

If this sounds familiar…stay with me.  There is a happy ending and there can be for you too!

I finally admitted to myself what I was doing.  That wasn’t easy because when I did, I started to beat myself up and used a lot of negative self-talk, which led me to more poor choices!  Then I figured out it wasn’t about the food – it was about the emotions…yikes…I was an emotional eater!  Sure I knew I would eat a bit more when I was bored, stressed or tired…but never in a million years did I think of it as emotional eating!!

And here’s the BIG KAHUNA… if I was eating because of emotions, I would need to figure out what was triggering those emotions and learn how to manage the reactions to those triggers before I could really deal with my food. Yup – it’s not really about food!

Can I tell you how exciting it was to figure that out and to start working on me! Not feeling deprived of foods I loved, knowing there was a way to feel better in my own skin, to bounce out of bed in the morning, to look forward to each day and not feel overwhelmed – YAHOO!!

And you can have that too…I’m not going to sugar coat it…it’s hard work and it doesn’t happen overnight.  AND it feels amazing, empowering, like falling back in love with yourself and your life!

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My Dad is thriving today… happy, healthy and even though he may move more slowly, he still walks! Going through all of this has taught me to be kind and gentle with myself. It’s what we all deserve.

When we fuel our mind, body and spirit, magic happens!  Let’s chat soon.

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