The brain works nonstop to keep us alive and functioning. It is one of the largest and most complex organs in the human body controlling everything from mood, behaviour, learning and memory and the operations that sustain life such as respiration, digestion and metabolism.

We need to nourish and protect the brain so it functions at it’ s best – and that’s especially true for children. Did you know that most of the brain development and growth occurs in the first few years of a child’s life – it reaches a weight of 1200g during the first 4 years of life while an adult brain weighs only 200g more?* Yet the brain still takes 10 – 15 years more to fully grow and develop.

Many factors help with brain function – enough sleep, hydration, exercise, healthy lifestyle and nutrition all help improve brain function and clarity and may also protect against age -related cognitive decline.

Our brains consume over 20 percent of all nutrients and oxygen that we consume.  So it ’s super important to make sure your family has a balance of colourful fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats is an easy way to help the brain to develop to its fullest potential. I’ve listed some (obviously not all) nutrients below that feed our brains.

And why should we focus on fueling the brain? Lots of great brain-boosting reasons – and of course they can vary considering the individual and the circumstances!

  • Better concentration and focus – clear that brain fog!
  • Improved cognitive ability
  • Improved memory
  • Lifts your mood
  • Increased energy – less fatigue

Other ways to fuel and nourish your brain is to exercise it – it is a muscle after all!

  • Be curious – by being curious and questioning everything, you force your brain to innovate and create new ideas
  • Read a book- trigger your imagination and fuel your creative genius
  • Do something new – experience something “ new, ” you stimulate your brain
  • Train your memory – it’s also a muscle that needs training and modern technology has made us lazy. Get into the habit of memorizing phone numbers, credit card, passport etc.

It is key to remember that our brain does not operate in isolation from the rest of the body. The human body is a chemistry lab and operates like a symphony – when it’s all tuned up, the magic happens!